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Hobby Car Insurance

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Sub Protect your antique & classic cars with an insurance plan unique to your hobby.

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What is Hobby Car Insurance?

Hobby Car Insurance, also known as Classic Car Insurance, is a policy designed specifically to protect valuable collectors’ cars. No matter if you use the classic car or not, this insurance plan will help keep it safe. It includes features that you cannot get with normal car insurance because classic cars are like no other. 

Why You Need Hobby Car Insurance

We understand that you want to keep your antique car in pristine condition. They are a valuable asset and owning one, or many, is probably one of your passions. Keep its value safe no matter what with Hobby Car Insurance

What it Offers:

  • Liability from a motor vehicle crash 
  • Damages to a car’s exterior 
  • Spare parts coverage
  • Coverage for modern, antique, and vintage cars
  • Instant new purchase coverage
  • And more

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